14 May 2010

How to Use Your Flip-Flop for Your Art Project?

Sometimes brainstorms happen.
That time no choice but paint.
Anything anywhere, just color.
Color into the night.
Square meters are needed to color.
And more.
Paper, canvas, or other art project.
If you feel like this sometimes,
then you know how fruitful and rich those hours.

Materials you need:
an old flip-plop, preferably one with textured surface
acrylic paints
a pair of scissors
paper or textile
I printed on cotton

Cut simple shapes from the flip-flop
Don't worry if you shapes are not perfect

Try your shapes and colors on a piece of paper.

Use your stamps freely. Color and mix.
Let your fantasy move your stamps.

You might want simple overlaps like I did here

or more loose brushstrokes as a base and than stamp.

Let them dry.
Iron them and they are to use for art projects.
Table cloth, cushion, book-cover, quilt, bag?


  1. Love these! A great idea I can use with my kindy class. Thank you!! Wendy xx

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  3. this is lovely! must try!!!

  4. COOL!Just need a spare flip- flop....

  5. Terrific idea...Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I love it it is so pretty:)

  7. Oohhhhhh I am definitely trying this. Love it!