10 January 2011

Hello Spring! Wreath Tutorial

Hello spring! Where are you? I am here waiting for you... yes, I know... it's still January...
Well, if you are a little bit impatient, like me...
here is a spring wreath to make....

What you need:
-styrofoam wreath
-handful of wooden flowers
-colorful fabrics
-hot glue

Start with a styrofoam wreath: cut out strips of fabrics and cover the surface of the wreath, you might want to glue the ends of the strips

Cut out small strips of fabrics (mine strips were 2x16 cm,  0.8x6.3")
and make a knot on each in the middle

Hot glue these small strips to the surface of the wreath,
create layers enough to cover the entire front suface,
add the flowers as well 

End result: color and texture for your wall or door.