30 May 2013

Camera Shy - dog painting

This is a friend of mine from real world. She is a furry-4-legged friend, and I don't know  why, she is camera shy. May be the lens of the camera are too big, I guess. Anyway, even her clever eyes shine through or not, she is a cute one. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.59) 


28 May 2013

Zen Feeling - small, oil painting

An Orchid
Two small glass-pebbles

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.56) 

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25 May 2013

A Bunch of Green Onions - small oil painting

It is evident that we put  flowers in vase. 
But what can I do if I fell in love with green onions? 
A whole bunch of them. 
Well... I put them in a vase. They smell delicious.
My only concern is to cut or not to cut the tiny roots.
Well, I treat them like flowers, so roots have to go. 
I hope it is not blind love. 
There was so much to see ... and paint. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.55) 


21 May 2013

Morning, no Coffee - small oil painting

If you are a caffeiner-type in the morning,
 than it is easy for you to capture the moment 
you realize that there's no coffee  at home. 
But the still-life-situation is solved. 
Empty cup, 3 tomatoes.  Food for the eye.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.53) 


19 May 2013

Flowering Happens - small, amaryllis oil painting

Sometimes we just wait for flowering. It seems, time has not come, not yet. And there is that miraculous  moment, when flowering happens. Where is it come from? There is nothing in that bulb, no flower.
How can a flower like this be hidden inside? Miraculous.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.52) 


17 May 2013

Waiting for a Kiss - oil painting

There is a ceramic frog in my garden. He is fairly ugly. He is so ugly that after a while he became nice. He just sits on a bigger rock and waits for the miracle. No princess, yet. Not even a glance from a real-life frog...

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.56)

14 May 2013

My Blogfriend - small, dog, oil painting

This is my blogfriend, Chester. Say hello to him. We meet a few times a month. Yes, yes, he has someone (Melody) he uses as his technician because blogging is hard work.
So we are virtual friends. I don't know if I could smell good for him or not  - even if it's important for dogs - we have never met in person, but I adore him from distance.
And the moment I felt the urgent need to paint a dog, it was him in my mind.  Enjoy!

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.53)

12 May 2013

3 Pieces of Cherries - Oil Painting

3 pieces  of cherries before season.
Tell me, if your cherries are already ripened in your garden,
I am just hungry for them. Otherwise I have to wait. 
Few more weeks... may be.  
In order to get more of these precious cherries, 
I put them on a mirror...
it's an old greengrocer's trick.

Fruit gallery 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.48)

05 May 2013

That Hairy Flower - Oil Painting

"That hairy flower" we nicknamed these beauties in the garden. 
This spring made them more beautiful than usual. 
OK, they have a straight name also: Pulsatilla.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.51)