31 May 2012

Patience - daily oil painting

Do you remember that time when strawberries have season

The first day of the strawberry season was the day when each and every family person got their first red, delicious piece of strawberries.

This is a festive and patient moment. 

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.41)

30 May 2012

Red Angel - small original oil painting

What do you think the Christmas Angels do the year around?
I think they play.
Like this red angel... if they have red marbles handy...

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.40)

29 May 2012

Stretching - Oil Painting

Stretching on a marble may be easier. A glass cube is not the perfect pick for stretching the back. But for the one who is 'flexible" like this pepper. 

                       oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.39)

28 May 2012

You Know How Smart I Am - Oil painting

She is an old mate of us. She speaks through her eyes as dogs always do. And we melt like butter...

  oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.38)