13 November 2015

A Little Talk About My Art

Sophie Catalina Marine by Daily Paintworks blog has included me on today's post - I talk  a little bit generally about painting and how to arrive at ideas for paintings and procrastination and more.

You might find interesting to look inside one's artistic life, here is the link:


Be sure you read her past posts, there are many interesting interviews.

Thanks Sophie!

11 November 2015

Bathing Time

I like to experience with coloured background. This time I've just  pushed the experience even further: wet fur on that coloured background. Have you take notice that in those big, fluffy furs there are spindly legs?

oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.129) 


08 November 2015

Grief - dog portrait

Painting a sad dog is healing to the soul. 
The experiment here is the vivid red base and the limited palette. 

oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.128) 

 My new best friends. 

04 November 2015

A True Aristocrat

Usually I have to find a reason why to paint a given painting. It can be a beam of light, a wonderful colour, a smile on a face, a .... whatever that touches my soul. If i don't find that specific reason, my soul gets bored.
In this case the reason was 'that look'. Just a born aristocrat can have 'that look'. I hope it comes through.

oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.127)