13 August 2010

Yarn frustration

Create os recreate or what??
Sometimes things don't seem to go according a plan. According my plan. It is easy to throw it out, recreate, cut into small peaces... but it is a crochet.
And this piece just  that doesn't want to be altered, upcycled or recreated... but I love the material so much, that I don't have a nerve to trash it.

So what's gonna be now?

I have to go back to basics. I have to follow my yarn back to the beginning... :-(

Dear reader, would you help me? At the top of my frustration I don't find the proper expression in the dictionary: What is the word for  when you want to ruin the crochet? (Not atomic level... I want to keep the yarn for a future project,  he-he-he)

10 August 2010

Flickr Favorites-Crochet

1. Rainbow Necklace, 2. Completed Beach Bag, 3. sunhat3, 4. Psychedelic Circle Jacket

Until a few years crochet for me was about 'dull table covers'. Tiny hooks and eyes you know those small round  ones you put into the china cabinet. I wondered the huge work... BUT ... they were a bit colorless for me. And a few weeks ago when I saw ArtMind's blanket I thought... wow, this is a different approach to crochet and I LOVE, LOVE this approach. Since then I find wonderful and colorful crocheted garments and patterns and my enthusiasm is growing big.

How about freestyle crochet? Wow. Yummie.

There is a collection of  Flickr Favorites here at ArtMind's. Have a look! Have fun!

09 August 2010

Cactus Monday

               This is a small journal page I drew as I had  looked through my cactus photos.
               It was hard to look into the flowers' heads they were so shy.

               More cactuses are here at Terri's Cactus Monday.

05 August 2010

My Creative Space-Illustration

This week is about illustration. 
I plan to collect piles of big and small drawings and paintings for a future book.
Half of this future book is ready - I mean the text side.
So I want to draw and paint illustrations like these above.
70 or a little bit more are needed...
Oh, my God!
It is huge...

Want to share your creative space? Hop over to Kootoyoo to play!

03 August 2010

Mixed Media

Mixed Media Experiment on paper
Acrylic, embossed paper, ink
(24x32 cm)

I spent a creative week at a magical place and I painted a few experimental pictures.
I was suggested to title this one: Blacks of a Spirit
I don't know.
This title is a bit murky...