30 June 2010

Deep Blue Eyes

(watercolor 20 x20 cm)

I always wanted deep blue eyes for me... :-))
So here they are.
No, seriously. I found this lovely tutorial on how to paint easy portrait.
It is fun though  I choose the harder way... I didn't have lightbox and my paper was too thick... so I drew instead of copying.
But... the result. Wow. Look at those deep blue eyes.
Look, Nature: finally I got those.
And there is no moles on the skin. Satisfactory.

Yes, that double chin also belongs to me.

Julia Kay's Portrait Party  you can find a photo of me here.

29 June 2010

Flickr Favorites-Tiny Worlds

 Water drops

They are so small that we rarely see them. They are so tiny that we rarely take them seriously. They are so temporal we usually miss them.
they are so perfect even as they are upside down ... or downside up(?) that it is a precious time to be with them. Precious time to stop and wonder.

Yes, they are real. In the modern-Photoshop-era it must be stated.... few years ago it would have been natural for all of us... :-)

If you want to play and may be join there are more favorites at ArtMind.

28 June 2010

Dogs at Play

(Acrylic on paper 16x21 cm)

Playing  on the beach. 
Isn't it a dream  of each of us? 
So look how it is.
Playing freely... a little bit biter... but not so that it would hurt.
In a few minutes we change roles. 

27 June 2010


(Acrylic on paper 29.5x21 cm)

When I considered myself full time textile artist, I used to paint water soluble pigments mainly on silk.
I loved to experiment new methods, new styles. And the need to paint realistically was rarely there. I was 
very happy to paint symbolic elements and stories and scenes like one does in illustration. My focus was on colors and the symbolic world was a perfect area to express them.
This time as I experience a new medium -I never used acrylic before I mean in a figurative sense-, I still want to try new approach. New to me, classical to others... :-)
I would like to share its sensation. Those lovely and live colors on petals, completely charms me.

22 June 2010

Flickr Favorites-Bottles

1. Bottles, 2. All Bottled Up, 3. My Perfume Bottle Collection 021810, 4. Glass Bottle Collection

How much fantasy goes into these simple objects. Forms and shapes and colors. I am not a collector type as I don't want to dust them... well it is far too practical approach for a collector.  And I AM still amazed by these glasses. Enjoy them! Digital pictures rarely need dusting. :-)

Want to see more favorites? Check them out and join at ArtMind.

21 June 2010


(watercolor on paper 24x17.5 cm)

I am a newcomer of a Paint and Draw Together blog. 
As I found their challenges lately, of course I want to join. 
Even though the deadline is over.
Well, it is gonna be nice to see improvements when we see back from a year down the line.
The first challenge was this theme: Bartlett Pearls on Marble

20 June 2010

Taxi Driver

Drawing (Graphite on paper)

If you have a pleasure to explore Cairo in a private taxi, he is the perfect man to go with.

Pyramids? Old news.
See real life!
You can go to a local tire shop, as an extra part of your program,  holding your breath along the way because of the dead and deserted  animals by the banks of the Nile.
Praying for your life - as he drives.

And here he is. Smile! Still alive.

18 June 2010


I was totally amazed by the colors and light that was through these glasses. So I painted a color study.
As I see this on my monitor I can see that slight changes are needed. Even though the blue one was like this, I am not completely satisfied... I think I should have shown more of the blue glass, as its shape is not come through. 

11 June 2010

How to Make a Room Divider or Fly Curtain? Part 1.

Fly curtain or room divider?

It depends. It depends on the size only.
I designed a fly curtain, but... if you make the letter-scale bigger ... let's say 300% or  500%... than you got a room divider.

Strange idea said my husband to me. Why don't we use a simple net to cover the door to the patio?
It is so dull- I said to him. Here is my plan:
I cut out big letters from a piece of felt and sew them together vertically,  I make some embellishment  and go. Isn't it cool?

So what I need: -felt pieces (I have 3 colors, white and red are quite thick and
                           the orange one is thinner,
                           no problem, letters need thickness, so I use the red as a base)
                         - a pair of scissors
                         - threads for embellishment
                         - a needle
                         - few meters of a yarn to sew the letters together
                           (first I thought orange would be cool
                           than in reality orange became too much - visually I mean-
                           so I changed the color into a neutral colorless...)

First I make my pattern for lettering: 
A 5x9cm (2x3.5 in) square piece of red felt.
I write each of my letters into this pattern, because I want to use my
scissors freely, so this little pieces of papers are just reminders.
My words are like these: 
enlightenment, follow your heart, grace is in the now,
joyful journey, blissful life, moment

Here comes the fun part:
cutting letters

I save the scraps for future in between elements.
When the letters are finished I dig out the big pieces from the scraps and mix them
with white and orange. I cut simple shapes like squares, hearts and circles, 
sew 2 or 3 together with a simple cross stitch or a double one.
These gonna be divider elements. 

To make each and every pieces ready ... well it takes time
 I can tell you now. 

See the finishing steps at Part 2. 

07 June 2010

Yellow Lilies, Red Field

Yellow lilies, red field on silk shawl

03 June 2010

Creative Space- Last Stitches

A bedcover is on my table...
Finally. Huh. 
Sometimes I have crystal clear ideas how to finish a project, but not this time.
I wanted to alter a never used curtain. Bedcover.
Yes. No. I don't know. Too wide. Too short.  Well... I need more colors. 
Yes. No. I don't know.
Yes. No.

The curtain was patiently sitting on a shelf waiting for its good fortune. 
I wasn't patient. At all.
And months went by...

Finally I said to myself: that is enough.
What is the easiest option?
Simple solutions are the best.
So here it is :-) Easy squares. Greens and blues.
Modest embroidery. 
Finally. Huh.
And I like its simplicity. Finally. :-)

More creative space at Kirsty's

01 June 2010

Flickr Favorites- Emptiness/Loneliness

1. Cold, Cold Heart, 2. heart hole, 3. Heart Shaped Hole 7- IMG_0272, 4. Hole in my heart

"An empty heart is full of light."

Last week when the theme was announced -emptiness/loneliness at Artmind  -, 
I found this theme a little bit depressive.
Aloneness instead of loneliness?
So I wanted a lighter version. 
May be hope. 
I don't know.
Here is my version.

 If you want to play details and more mosaics are here.