20 April 2010


Color study, watercolor
Painting this study made my color-thirsty-part-of-me completely satisfied.
The task seemed easy and became more difficult as it unfolded into details.

16 April 2010

Which Way to Go?

Dear Fellow Lover of Color,
it takes time to glean signposts and
decide which way is good or best for us.
Sometimes it takes more than we thought it would.
And there are crossroads where we stop for a moment:
'which way to go?'
And it takes time to paint them.
Even if I do have or don't have answers at all.

13 April 2010

Heart song

(water soluble pencils, ink, art journal)

When my heart sings I paint illustrations like this.

10 April 2010


(watercolor, 24x32 cm, 9.5x12.5")
Do you remember the excitement, when you were child and you got a new toy?
When I got a new toy and went to sleep I saved some room for my toys on my pillow.
Sometimes I had only a few square centimeters left for myself, because there were the old ones as well. And I wanted to be fair with the old ones. I wanted them to be part of my dreams.
(It is strange that quite a lot of my clients in therapy complain about the opposite. They don' want to continue and dream about their daily life. Their life are full of bad things, so they don't even let themselves sleep at all. But this is a different story.)

So this memory was recalled by the excitement that happened when I was painting this picture. The picture landed on my small table beside my bed. I was awaken suddenly in the middle of the night and felt that I was still painting it.

I can state that something has changed ... has happened...
Conclusion? It is fun to paint figures.

09 April 2010


Meditation as a child does.
Do you remember when you were child and had
a few moments of rest in the kitchen?
The kitchen stool was so uncomfortable that your tights
got strips at the back.
Childhood memories came to surface as I painted
this picture. No, this is not me on this picture.
6 legs? What a stool is this?

07 April 2010

Beach moments

Beach moment.
Thinking about big questions of life,
while your partner is having nap on you.
The meaning of life. Zen moment.
Evaporated moment.
Before the beer gets warm.
So much fun to paint them.

05 April 2010

Hot Day

This is a completely different picture from my sketchbook.
The reference photograph was captured
on a really really hot day by the sea
Phi Phi Island.
I realize that it is so much fun to paint humans.
Prior to that I had those really boring experiences from school-drawing lessons.
Hey, that could be fun!
Redefining figure painting.

04 April 2010

Colorful Spring

Here it is. It is sunny and windy. Spring.
Perfect time for scarfs.
To wear and to paint.
Here is one of my version.
Enjoy. Spring-scarf.
Silk scarf.