25 July 2010

Face Challenge

Are you in? 
The challenge and more faces are at Susan's.
Have fun!

15 July 2010

Creative Space- 35+

My creative space is in the garden. 

It is 35+ degrees C (95F)... best temperature to dye...
if I can stay somewhere else... a cool place.
My freshly dyed wool pieces are on the sun and I am in the shade. 
Looking back this scene on my monitor... well it is a little bit strange...
not very well designed... but I hope the colors are going to be nice.

For more creative spaces pop into Kootoyoo's place. It's fun!

14 July 2010

How To Make A Colorful Flower Stand?

Oh yes, I felt again that I must paint something. I needed more colors. Finally I dug out some leftover concrete-tubes from a previous house building project. They were used as supporting pillars.
How nice. They can be flower stands in their next life in the garden.
May be that you want more color too into your life.
Here it is how it happened to me, use this post as an inspiration. Color your life! It is easy. Really.

First scene: what you need- concrete-tube cut into desired sizes. I had 2x 50cm  and 1x 70 cm tall pieces.
                                          - paint  suitable for concrete painting. My choice were blue, yellow and white.
At this point you are not surprised by my color choice.... if you read my other post about flip-flop stamps and about coasters.

Second scene: the work- paint as you like
I like to paint simple and effective patterns  like these spirals.
I never lose interest in spirals. 
That is a mystery in itself.  

Third scene: waiting, drying...
This is my weakness. 
So I go for a walk. 

Fourth scene: dress rehearsal... 
This is the time when I consider that my flower stands are a little bit unusual. So may be I need some moderate plants... and I don't have any... at this moment. 

13 July 2010

Flickr Favorites- Reflections

Distorted huge pictures.
Toys for adults and children.
If you analyze them you must be a scientist.
If you capture them you must be a photographer or an artist.
If you lost in admiration you are like me. No label.

Check out the other mosaics at ArtMind

12 July 2010


(Oil on board 24 x 18 cm)

That is all we want on a hot day, isn't it?
No air con. 
Cool water instead. 
Simple things like that make us happy and content.

03 July 2010

Living on Top

(Acrylic experiment  on paper 30x 20 cm)

Sculpture. Living on the top. On a huge wall. 
Accompanied by crazy animals.
A frozen moment under the bright sun.
It's a hard job  to be on top. 
Visible for everyone.
No escape.
No vacation.
It's a hard job to be saint.

02 July 2010

Blue Face

I was hooked by this 'new for me technique'.
So this is an other attempt.