04 June 2012

Is that a Flower or not? - small oil painting

My father angrily pick them out if he sees them amongst his spotless green lawn. Are they weeds?
And each kid happily pick them as flowers. Are they flowers?
I don't decide but it is such a good feeling to paint them. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.45)

03 June 2012

Apple Day- oil painting

It is fun to paint an apple. More apples are more fun.
One reason is the 'model' is eatable,
so the pleasure factor is double.
Do you need more?
That is why I don't gravitate to crocodiles or tuskers...

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.43)

01 June 2012

Hide and Seek- small oil painting

One of our first play is hide and seek. We blink and "hide". I think that not much changes until we are grown ups. We often want to be "invisible" for a moment and then we want someone to be glad for us that "we are found". 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.42)

31 May 2012

Patience - daily oil painting

Do you remember that time when strawberries have season

The first day of the strawberry season was the day when each and every family person got their first red, delicious piece of strawberries.

This is a festive and patient moment. 

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.41)

30 May 2012

Red Angel - small original oil painting

What do you think the Christmas Angels do the year around?
I think they play.
Like this red angel... if they have red marbles handy...

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.40)

29 May 2012

Stretching - Oil Painting

Stretching on a marble may be easier. A glass cube is not the perfect pick for stretching the back. But for the one who is 'flexible" like this pepper. 

                       oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.39)

28 May 2012

You Know How Smart I Am - Oil painting

She is an old mate of us. She speaks through her eyes as dogs always do. And we melt like butter...

  oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.38)

25 March 2012

Walking in the Water - oil painting

I am delighted by reflections, I have already stated earlier. 
After rain it is a must chasing them. 

                       oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.36)

24 March 2012

Lemonade - still life, small painting

When I order lemonade at a hip bar, it never comes without some lovely decor. Because lemonade is just too simple. But... no one ever invented red marble decor on a mirror plate. How is that? I would be so amazed that I would gaze those reflections, I would even forget that the glass is... empty.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.35)

23 March 2012

Survival - oil painting

Am I the only one who meet fearful, confused people nowadays? Sometimes I am a fearful, confused one also when I meet myself... So there are issues everywhere. 
It is a relief to meet Nature instead. Nature is the big survivor. 

Life is good.
oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.34)

22 March 2012

Applejuice -oil painting for sale

I like raw food. Sometimes I have to step back a few steps from the cans.
So I did. If I go one step further, I have to put the apple tree into the jar.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.33)

20 March 2012

Green Rooftops- oil painting

Green, mossy rooftops. A bay-scape. Magical, fabled spirit.
That was in the mind of the artist. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.32)

19 March 2012

Yellow Light -oil painting

"OK, let's paint a warming up" I said to myself. Painting apple slices - it must be a warming up. Till... I fall in love the yellow light that was reflected on the slices. 
Unbelievingly simple.  Or? Is it really simple? 
I haven't find an answer. It might be love. Yellow Light Love.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.31)

18 March 2012

Appleberry - oil painting

It is fun to paint an apple and a strawberry. But it is not so fun to title them. I think it is a different cerebration. May be I need more neural links. But how to build that?

Anyway I play with the thought that as a painter I can dedicate myself to a specific theme.
Strawberry for example. 
Well... I know my myself, I would be persistent for few days... may be to the beginning of strawberry canning season. 
Thanks God, I can paint various themes. It is liberating. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.30)

17 March 2012

Giants - oil painting

These tomatoes were too big to put them in a normal bowl or box. They don't even fit this picture. :-) They don't even fit into my mouth. They are giants. 
What is exciting for me - the black base. They became more robust and definite. Giants. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.29)

16 March 2012

Red Petals- oil painting

"You don't always want to paint rose petals, do you?"- asked my husband when I showed him my angry lion. To tell the truth, it is fun to paint petals, like these red ones. Even more if they are in backlight.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.28)

15 March 2012

Watch Lion - Budapest, Oil Painting

I was a tourist in Budapest. While my dear husband visited a dentist - and this "adventure" is not for the faint-hearted - I went for a walk. He is brave, I am not.
So I was in the role of a tourist. I chased themes to paint. And the first and most famous tourist attraction is the Chain Bridge. I never have a thought about painting it. I always left that theme for street artists. Have you ever looked into the  eye of the watch-lion? Wow, it is harsh, frightening. It is not a kind of pussy-cat. Eye-catching.
It was fun to paint. May be it would be a good idea to open my eyes to the city?

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.27)

14 March 2012

First Date -daily painting

Is it a first day of a long lasting friendship, or may be not? 
Who knows that? 
Sometimes we need to be brave and "grow" for a first date. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.26)

13 March 2012

On the Top

First strawberry in the season. It deserves appreciation, isn't it? 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.25)

12 March 2012


After my internet service was cut down (literally, it was a stolen cable in the neighborhood) I had time to think over contacts. I had two full days internet-fast. I was cut from the world and so was the world from me.  Surprisingly the sun got up.
What is more, new fresh strawberries have ripened.
So I painted them. A blue marker begged to be on this painting also.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.24)

08 March 2012

How to overcome Doubt?

As an artist or wanna be artist you challenge yourself often, don't you?

If you don't,  you are on the old beaten path and you don't have room to grow.
Let me tell you how it is with me. If I don't grow as an artist, I feel discontentment,  mostly in my stomach but in my whole being is restless... and I work less and less and I slightly become "misunderstood artist".

But the truth is that in the root  of the whole discontentment is doubt.
"Am I good enough?
Is this piece good enough? 
Am I too young for this?  Am I too old for that? 
Do I have time to do that? 
Is this the right path for me? 
Is there a path at all?"

Doubt stands out like this red marble 

When I let doubt stay with me, let it lead me, it kills me literally. It goes to depression, sadness and meaninglessness.
If I overcome doubt it simplifies the creative process, it short cuts the curves, it makes me more productive.
More productivity makes my creative juices flowing, more creativity makes me happier and I love the whole process. It is so worth while.
Here are my techniques:

1. I procrastinate doubt.
When in doubt, I tell myself to paint another painting. When I am in doubt, I tell the doubt to come back later. I want to finish this first and I switch myself into a different mindset, working mode. Flowing mode.
More often than not the doubt goes away.

2. Sometimes the doubt is bigger than the above one and comes back.
I sit down and let it be. "I am here for you." I set a time frame, "I have half an hour for you"- I don't want to stay in doubt for long.
And I empty out.
I write down the words of the doubt as they are. I write down each and every question,  statement,  feeling and not knowingness. I let the doubt come to the surface of my consciousness. Sometimes the doubts are accompanied by fear and judgement. Well it is good to know who is my killer, isn't it?
I put down even that I don't know what to do, and how to overcome this. I just write and write and write.
I write and write... and a magical moment comes. It always happens.  Something changes. Something opens up. I see clarity. I feel wholeness. Fresh new energy fills me up.
I let the energy fill up the doubtful thinking. Sometimes it makes me laugh. Sometimes I feel I was just disconnected, nothing serious, nothing bad happened. I can even hug the doubts.

07 March 2012

Lining up

A red marble was in my focus.
So I played a bit. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.23)

06 March 2012


Even though sunflower is not in season here in Europe this time, my soul loves the vibrant
yellows of its petals. Painting 'the sun' is fun and makes me smile.
Hopefully you also feel the warmth of it.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.22)

05 March 2012

Shall I draw?

... or shall I paint pencils? 
A limited palette needed for these pencils. 
Not much to say. Enjoy!

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.21)

Let me share that
2 of my paintings are in the DPW shopwindow. 
It makes me happy!

04 March 2012

Open Hearted

You might already know about my love of strong colors like pink.
There are people who freak out if they see a color like this.
I love them. And a company like a strong blue goes well together with pink.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.20)


03 March 2012

Spoonful of Orange?

I am delighted by reflections. There are times when I spend long minutes besides huge glass windows, mainly office buildings or hotels. They might think I longing to go inside when sometimes I look into someone's eye...  But the truth is that the distorted reflection of the opposite building or a curly tree makes me wonder. So reflection combined with strong colors. That was the base of this painting.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.19)

01 March 2012

Deep in Thoughts

I find interesting that I can find pleasure in playfulness (last few pigs) 
and deep thoughts also. 
May be I find balance naturally.
Deep in thoughts...
and the street, the surroundings blurred away.

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.17)

29 February 2012


One more piggie... 
Do you think it is an addiction? 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.16)
Purchase information here

28 February 2012


What captured my eyes was a glass cube.
Old memories came to surface about boring drawing classes. 
White cubes made of paper. What a difference.
This cube makes my creative juices flowing. 
Did I see a beauty-cube like this? No.
OK. Sunshine makes wonder.  
But not on the white paper ones. 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.15)

27 February 2012


It all started with a DPW challenge: Paint your pig!
And it stirred my creative juices. 
These piggies are cute and express humanness 
like these two resentful ones. 

Oh, I have so many more ideas... 

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.14)

26 February 2012

Mirror, mirror...

...tell me, who I am.
When I take life and myself seriously, 
it is time to paint some pig. A ceramic one. :)

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.13)

25 February 2012

Looking clever

oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.12)
Oh, dear... these ceramic pigs try to look so clever, don't they? 
Especially when they come together.
I am back on track with my small paintings. 

23 February 2012

Cactus Flower

  oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.11)

Sleeping gallery, sleeping blog? 
I think this flower is a good one to make my blog get up. 
This flower is in full bloom in the morning and at midday it becomes 
invisible till the early evening, when it blooms again. Incredible. 

Please click here for  purchase information.