29 May 2010

Window Decoration

Work in progress. Window decoration.
Busy making  and hopefully finishing this window decoration...  
and 2 bigger ones. 
Strange to see it on a photo.
 I see those blue thread-yarn-lines a bit fine.
Finer than I thought it would be.
 May be one or two need to be thicken... ?

26 May 2010

Big Questions of Life

A piece of shimmering silk and dyes
make me feel magic.
This time was poppy-heads time.
One of my favorites. 
I don't know how it exists, 
how this form is possible, this poppy-head form...
Have you ever examined a form like this? 
I am completely amazed.
Big questions of life...
Big question marks.

25 May 2010

Flickr Favorites- A Color Enthusiast

1. The Perfect Day-  2. A Colorful Existence-  3. Lobster Blissque  4. The Proper Use of the Kickstand

 Mixed media artist Danny Phillips from Canada calls himself color enthusiast. I love the simpicity and  the energy of these pics. And I am full of enthusiasm when I create, so I easily relate to them.

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23 May 2010

How to Make a Designer Necklace?

Originally I had a silver pendant and I decided to make a colorful necklace to hold it.
I searched over and over my drawers and finally found these items, and I suddenly saw
my designer necklace in my mind's eye.
Materials you need: 
colorful yarns, I choose 3 different colors
and a silver thread 
"macaroni"-size  plastic tube 
hot glue
magnetic fastener

1. cut a necklace size from the plastic tube
I wanted a middle size one so I measured 70 cm
S 50 cm
M 70 cm
L 90 cm

2.  make a knot around the tube and begin to wind the weft around the tube
change colors as often as you wish overlapping the previous loose end.
This easy technique is coiling: a method for making 
baskets for centuries in almost every culture.

3. Cover your tube fully. Use your yarn tightly.
4. At the very end of your tube fix the loose yarn with a fleck of hot glue 

5. Finish it with a magnetic fastener. 
As you glue the magnets into the hole
your yarn-end would be securely double-finished

Version 1: I used a shawl clip to make my necklace hip.
Version 2: I coiled the silver pendant and... 

I can't decide which version I like better. 
Can you?

21 May 2010


This silk shawl flowers.
As the light varies from hour to hour
the flowers grow and bloom 
and  change their "outfit"in the light.
 No one tell them to change. It happens. 
They change from pale to bright and back to pale.
New shades from hour to hour. 
Life lives new colors.

20 May 2010

My Creative space- Art Love Life

Back to real art. That was my slogan for today. 
But the truth is that art can not be separated from life and love.
So this is how I see. 
 Art. Love. Life.
On a silk shawl.
Warm oranges and browns.
That is on my table.

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19 May 2010

Flickr Favorites-Art Journal

1. art journal - feel, 2. Art Journal 'Stop', 3. Art Journal Pre-Journal Inside, 4. Grow "art journal"

Art Journals make me feel extraordinary feeling.
 A feeling that I can peek someone's Soul  for a moment. 
And I love these glimpses. 
I love these moments. 
Moments of truth.
They are so clear, so simple. 

And now the best word: alive.
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18 May 2010

Joyful Journey- Ready

You might see my creative space. 
These fabrics were on my table waiting for their new life as a bag.
So here it is: my "Joyful Journey" outside...
and  inside...
And I am happy.
So I share these pics happily. 

14 May 2010

How to Use Your Flip-Flop for Your Art Project?

Sometimes brainstorms happen.
That time no choice but paint.
Anything anywhere, just color.
Color into the night.
Square meters are needed to color.
And more.
Paper, canvas, or other art project.
If you feel like this sometimes,
then you know how fruitful and rich those hours.

Materials you need:
an old flip-plop, preferably one with textured surface
acrylic paints
a pair of scissors
paper or textile
I printed on cotton

Cut simple shapes from the flip-flop
Don't worry if you shapes are not perfect

Try your shapes and colors on a piece of paper.

Use your stamps freely. Color and mix.
Let your fantasy move your stamps.

You might want simple overlaps like I did here

or more loose brushstrokes as a base and than stamp.

Let them dry.
Iron them and they are to use for art projects.
Table cloth, cushion, book-cover, quilt, bag?

13 May 2010

My Creative Space-Joyful Journey

Hand painted hearts are on my table...
a big one
and a few small ones.
And all those big and small hearts
are going to be a bag.
A 'Joyful Journey' bag.
From canvas.
And I live happily ever after.

For more creative spaces pop into Kootoyoo's place.

11 May 2010

Flickr Favorites

Batik and wax on silk by

I am amazed by the texture and colors.

And see others' favorites at Artmind

09 May 2010

How to Make Colorful Coasters?

Materials you need:
round cardboard pieces
(you can use your old coasters also if you
want to give them a fresh new look)
3 colors of acrylic paint of your choice
drawing ink and a bamboo-stick
and decoupage glue
Loose brushstrokes. That's all you need.
Have fun! Mix and paint.

After a few minutes as the first layer has already dried
I cut out a heart shape from a piece of not too thick cardboard
and use it as a template.
Use black drawing ink and a sharpened bamboo-stick to embellish.
My lines are uneven and I am very happy with this outcome.

Let them dry. At this point I am really impatient...
so I do something else instead of waiting there...
And finally paint a decoupage-glue-cover layer on top.
It makes the coasters waterproof.
And here they are, ready to use!
Have happy drinks, have fun, have friends!

And I wouldn't be surprised if you want to
paint more. Be ready. New surfaces are thirsty
for refreshment.

07 May 2010

Coaster time

Sometimes one thing leads to an other. It happened to me with this set of coasters. I pulled out my 'treasure drawer' and saw these raw cardboard coasters. And after a while I had to take a brush and paint to follow an idea.
And loads of coasters wanted to be created.
These 4 are just the first set.
Do you know how it is?
There are more to come.

And textiles also:
And more ideas come, as if I turn a tap.
Really interesting.
If you are a creative type, you might already recognize the process.

By the way do you need coasters? I have a ton.
e-mail me.