29 June 2013

A Snip - still life in oil

If I got a pair of scissors I would snip... anything. Yes, that's right... like children.
Anything in this case is a piece of weed. I love the small flowers. Beside any expectation this tiny pece of weed is a long lasting one. 
May be... I could love them better ( I mean I wouldn't kill them as weed) may be flowers would grow double size... 
Well, it is just a dream... weeds are weeds, aren't they? 

oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.68) 

26 June 2013

Reds on red - oil painting, tomatoes, brush, coffee cup

Reds on red. This painting couldn't be more red... 
My experiment was how far  I can push the quantity of red on a painting.
And finally my never ever used fancy brush got a function.  
It is weird a bit that I used it for its bright blueness and still never used as a brush.

oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.67) 

24 June 2013

Roses -small still life

Experiment with roses. I have been in rose painting mood, but  I couldn't find 'the' composition that is mine. 
As I am drawn to paint strong lights and shadows, my experiment ended up a waterless composition. 
May be that these roses don't get water, hopefully I conserved their beauty other way.
I risk ... strong shadows... unusual composition...  What do you think? 

   oil on gessoboard, 6x6 in (No.66) 


20 June 2013

Tower - still life, oil painting

Melontower and Strawberrytop.

If I were a fancy foodblogger or candidate in a cooking show, this would be my entry. Oh, not much cooking, that is right. But I love colors. Beautiful reds on red. Who can overtop this simple beauty?

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 12x12 in (No.65) 

16 June 2013

See-through 1.

It is so much fun to touch, feel, wear see-trough fabrics. And I realized how much fun to paint them. Normally I paint on panels, but this time I painted on linen. Well, it is fun the see-through fabric and  struggle to paint on this surface, gesso doesn't help much...
May be I am snobbish... 'linen is so hard for me', silk is my favorite.
And to have a photo... well... it is not the best one, you have to see-through.
No matter what, I wanted to share.

   oil on gessoboard, 30x30 cm, 12x12 in (No.63) 

12 June 2013

Sunbathing - dog painting

Have you seen small creatures bathing in the sun lately?
First phase is sitting and looking clever and alert.
It takes a minute or so.
Next phase is looking tired and laying down a bit. 30 sec.
And then the Big Relaxation.

Sunbathing First Minute 

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.62) 


Jaz Belvedere - Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, summer night

Holiday, holiday. 
So the feeling is this: lovely breeze, smell of the sea, starry night, swaying palm trees. 
Sharm el Sheik, Egypt, Jaz Belvedere

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.61) 

08 June 2013

Poppies in June

June. Red poppy-fields are nearby. I haven't seen so many, full of red, red poppies. They feather softly in the wind. Their redness are dissolved by some yellow and white and purple flower-islands. And if you lean on them there are small petals like wings in the wind. The whole view is a poem itself.

 Poppies in June

   oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.58) 


06 June 2013

Cautious Portrait - oil painting

Painting a portrait is not the easiest task on the planet. 
Human eye and mind combination are so precise and 
delicate together that just a small nuance
and the likeliness is over. 
So much contemplation and more practice that I need. 
Tell me, if you have a quicker version to get likeliness.

    oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.60) 


02 June 2013

Small Balaton - oil, painting

In my small county we have a lake called Balaton. It is officially (scientifically)  not even a lake because it is too shallow. But: for us it is so precious like ocean for others. 
There is a much smaller corner by the lake just a few kilometers from Balatonszemes, I don't even know the name of it. It is just a small waterside and full of life. I mean really full of life, birds and bugs and grasses and trees, and the noise of the whole world. 
This painting is born from my love of  this small piece of world.

                                oil on gessoboard, 15x15 cm, 6x6 in (No.57)