10 April 2010


(watercolor, 24x32 cm, 9.5x12.5")
Do you remember the excitement, when you were child and you got a new toy?
When I got a new toy and went to sleep I saved some room for my toys on my pillow.
Sometimes I had only a few square centimeters left for myself, because there were the old ones as well. And I wanted to be fair with the old ones. I wanted them to be part of my dreams.
(It is strange that quite a lot of my clients in therapy complain about the opposite. They don' want to continue and dream about their daily life. Their life are full of bad things, so they don't even let themselves sleep at all. But this is a different story.)

So this memory was recalled by the excitement that happened when I was painting this picture. The picture landed on my small table beside my bed. I was awaken suddenly in the middle of the night and felt that I was still painting it.

I can state that something has changed ... has happened...
Conclusion? It is fun to paint figures.

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  1. Lovely memory. I always admire those who can paint figures, since it's not my thing at all!