08 November 2014

Go Paint! - still life

It is easy and simple to gain motivation for painting when a good thing happens like this: I won a featured artist status for the next month at the DPW gallery. Wow, I am so happy!
Oranges, they were the lucky ones. I have to tell you that I showed this painting to my mother and she said: 'hey, it seems to me that these oranges are a little bit rotten... so the judge probably hasn't smell them'. Ha-ha-ha.

Well, I am so happy that this painting was picked.
Here you can see the winners and all the entries:


And my painting for today: Go, paint!

oil painting on stretched block canvas, 380 gsm, 100% cotton, 

and extra thick (1.77 in wide), black on the side,

ready to hang on
 7.9 x 7.9 in (No.96) 


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