03 March 2010

Art is tree

On the way back from a pilgrimage in India I had realized how much I hid myself. I realized that this hiding is a pattern. A life pattern. I saw this unhealthy pattern of my life and as it cracked I burst into tears and I suddenly clearly, clearly understood my hiding. And in my mind's eye there was a nice tree symbolizing art. The Art is tree.

This tree has a few strong arms like batik, silk painting and textiles. And it has few new fresh and young shoots like mixed media and watercolor. This nice tree needs watering, fresh air and nourishment and it grows at its pace: blooming, prospering, fruiting joyful fruits.

Now, here I am. Not hiding any more. Ready to share my fruits of art. Welcome here and come back regularly and enjoy! Let this be a meeting point in the blogsphere.
Take my first picture from my art-tree: a color-full batik.
(cotton 106x67 cm, 42x26 in)


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I am so grateful you invited me into this space, it is most precious! And what a gift from mother India to give you this realization! A million congratulations!!! With much Love, Naraya

  2. Thank you Naraya, You are so sweet! As always. :-)