05 March 2010

Who am I?

Hi, I start with the hardest question that one can ever answer: Who am I?
Is that one at all who can answer this question properly?

At some point in my life I considered myself full time artist. And later I became full time therapist. Still I am. Both? Oh. no. My life had become so busy that I lost my artistic half along the way.

After a few years I had to stop to ask myself: Hey, what are you doing? Are you happy?

And the answer was: No. I lost my precious artistic part. But I also knew that I didn't want to get back to my old life. So I needed to find a new balance.
I couldn't be happy without my therapy (The Journey), my clients and I couldn't be happy without my art.
So after a few years quitting my art I decided I was ready to integrate my rediscovered parts into my life. After some endless struggles with and in myself finally I have got the point: each and every part of me needs space to express itself and has the right to do it. Otherwise I couldn't be happy.

And here I would like to share my love of colors: art, batik, watercolor and mixed media .

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