10 August 2010

Flickr Favorites-Crochet

1. Rainbow Necklace, 2. Completed Beach Bag, 3. sunhat3, 4. Psychedelic Circle Jacket

Until a few years crochet for me was about 'dull table covers'. Tiny hooks and eyes you know those small round  ones you put into the china cabinet. I wondered the huge work... BUT ... they were a bit colorless for me. And a few weeks ago when I saw ArtMind's blanket I thought... wow, this is a different approach to crochet and I LOVE, LOVE this approach. Since then I find wonderful and colorful crocheted garments and patterns and my enthusiasm is growing big.

How about freestyle crochet? Wow. Yummie.

There is a collection of  Flickr Favorites here at ArtMind's. Have a look! Have fun!


  1. love all the color! My fave blankets I make are the granny square ones with colorful left over wool!

  2. I would love to be able to do free from crochet! I'm not a master of crochet so I just know the basics but oh boy, do I love it! :) Enjoy taking up a fabulous technique! :)

  3. HI! i wish i could crochet! it looks so awesome, although complicated!