03 June 2010

Creative Space- Last Stitches

A bedcover is on my table...
Finally. Huh. 
Sometimes I have crystal clear ideas how to finish a project, but not this time.
I wanted to alter a never used curtain. Bedcover.
Yes. No. I don't know. Too wide. Too short.  Well... I need more colors. 
Yes. No. I don't know.
Yes. No.

The curtain was patiently sitting on a shelf waiting for its good fortune. 
I wasn't patient. At all.
And months went by...

Finally I said to myself: that is enough.
What is the easiest option?
Simple solutions are the best.
So here it is :-) Easy squares. Greens and blues.
Modest embroidery. 
Finally. Huh.
And I like its simplicity. Finally. :-)

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