01 June 2010

Flickr Favorites- Emptiness/Loneliness

1. Cold, Cold Heart, 2. heart hole, 3. Heart Shaped Hole 7- IMG_0272, 4. Hole in my heart

"An empty heart is full of light."

Last week when the theme was announced -emptiness/loneliness at Artmind  -, 
I found this theme a little bit depressive.
Aloneness instead of loneliness?
So I wanted a lighter version. 
May be hope. 
I don't know.
Here is my version.

 If you want to play details and more mosaics are here.


  1. I love your version, empty hearts....

  2. when there's hope there can't be loneliness...and sometimes, sadness is a part of live, if we like it or not ...

  3. Lovely pics. I find the theme a bit depressive too but it probably has to do with the fact that I am in a very good moment of my life...ahahaha so I don't really look at such sad convo of words.
    Your pic selection is very beautiful!

  4. What a great take on the theme and a beautiful collection.

  5. Lovely mosaic!
    I think it's a great idea responding to loneliness with hope in your heart :)

  6. Beautiful choices - I love the heart theme and your quote is perfect!

  7. Love this! It's great to have a positive outlook on life and its lonely moments ;)

  8. I think the heart is a great outtake on the theme. I agree that it's a difficult theme but I wanted to challenge you. :)
    The heart makes it hopeful and beautiful.

  9. I really like your take on the theme!