22 June 2010

Flickr Favorites-Bottles

1. Bottles, 2. All Bottled Up, 3. My Perfume Bottle Collection 021810, 4. Glass Bottle Collection

How much fantasy goes into these simple objects. Forms and shapes and colors. I am not a collector type as I don't want to dust them... well it is far too practical approach for a collector.  And I AM still amazed by these glasses. Enjoy them! Digital pictures rarely need dusting. :-)

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  1. Great collage!
    love bottles, in particular if they are vintage and strange ;D

  2. there's a time I collect them...but indeed ...all that cleening :-) ... now I have only a few ...and I try to not get seduice to buy other ones :-)

  3. LOVE the colors of those bottles on the bottom right!!!

  4. It is so unfortunate that the burdensome idea of cleaning something stops us from collecting that thing. It stops me too. I say to myself... "just another thing to dust" and sorrowfully put the lovely item down. Maybe next time I'll purchase!
    The vintage perfume bottles are truly to die for!! Those just might be worth dusting, hehehe.
    Nice mosaic!
    (following you now)

  5. Uhh I think I am a real collector! I accumulate all kind of objects that I like. I am not good at dusting though ehehehe!

  6. Haha, funny, I am not a collector for the same reason you are! :)
    And glass needs a lot of dusting attention! LOL