11 June 2010

How to Make a Room Divider or Fly Curtain? Part 1.

Fly curtain or room divider?

It depends. It depends on the size only.
I designed a fly curtain, but... if you make the letter-scale bigger ... let's say 300% or  500%... than you got a room divider.

Strange idea said my husband to me. Why don't we use a simple net to cover the door to the patio?
It is so dull- I said to him. Here is my plan:
I cut out big letters from a piece of felt and sew them together vertically,  I make some embellishment  and go. Isn't it cool?

So what I need: -felt pieces (I have 3 colors, white and red are quite thick and
                           the orange one is thinner,
                           no problem, letters need thickness, so I use the red as a base)
                         - a pair of scissors
                         - threads for embellishment
                         - a needle
                         - few meters of a yarn to sew the letters together
                           (first I thought orange would be cool
                           than in reality orange became too much - visually I mean-
                           so I changed the color into a neutral colorless...)

First I make my pattern for lettering: 
A 5x9cm (2x3.5 in) square piece of red felt.
I write each of my letters into this pattern, because I want to use my
scissors freely, so this little pieces of papers are just reminders.
My words are like these: 
enlightenment, follow your heart, grace is in the now,
joyful journey, blissful life, moment

Here comes the fun part:
cutting letters

I save the scraps for future in between elements.
When the letters are finished I dig out the big pieces from the scraps and mix them
with white and orange. I cut simple shapes like squares, hearts and circles, 
sew 2 or 3 together with a simple cross stitch or a double one.
These gonna be divider elements. 

To make each and every pieces ready ... well it takes time
 I can tell you now. 

See the finishing steps at Part 2. 

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