21 June 2010


(watercolor on paper 24x17.5 cm)

I am a newcomer of a Paint and Draw Together blog. 
As I found their challenges lately, of course I want to join. 
Even though the deadline is over.
Well, it is gonna be nice to see improvements when we see back from a year down the line.
The first challenge was this theme: Bartlett Pearls on Marble


  1. Yesterday I was showing PADT blog to my friend and explaining what is the idea behind it. Then I showed your painting and many others and my friend exclaimed "Wow, I like this one - who painted it". I was very glad looking at her happy face while she was admiring it for a while. Then she added "Well, I must be liking watercolor and this one speaks for itself." I must agree, your painting is very well executed in the perfect "watercolor way".

  2. Thank you Lela, heartwarming words. :-))